The best children’s movies are not only for children…

I went to school for Film and Media Studies only to discover, in my last year of school, that I was always most drawn to researching those issues in media that related to children, and that I was always most drawn to those films that recaptured for me even a scintilla of the wonder of childhood.

Children’s books never lost their aura of magic and discovery for me, nor their power to move. In addition to studying film in school, I took classes in children’s and young adult literature and interned in children’s book publishing. A passionate student of both film and children’s literature, I have set out to explore the often-rocky relationship between the two.

I dedicate this site chiefly to seeking out and analyzing cinematic adaptations of children’s literature and that rare gem of a children’s film that places itself as a sort of cinematic literature all its own.

Many digressions will inevitably ensue as I am carried along by my fascination with the child’s place and depiction in history and culture … And I will be ever questing for those transcendent films that capture the quiddities of childhood: the wonder, the freshness, the thrill of being at the beginning of one’s own life story, and the bittersweet process of growing up.





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