Fox 2000 Taps ‘Downton Abbey’s Brian Percival To Direct ‘The Book Thief’ –

Cover of "The Book Thief"

Cover of The Book Thief

Fox 2000 Taps ‘Downton Abbey’s Brian Percival To Direct ‘The Book Thief’ –

I’ve been waiting expectantly for some time to see who would pick up this haunting book for its inevitable film adaptation.  It is hard to imagine any film truly being able to depict the nuances of the book, but a good adaptation could be a thing of beauty.

Screenwriter Michael Petroni penned what was for me the most disappointing of the Narnia films (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader), but Emmy-winner Brian Percival has directed some lovely things (Downton AbbeyNorth & South), albeit mostly for TV.

I will be following preproduction with much interest.


2 thoughts on “Fox 2000 Taps ‘Downton Abbey’s Brian Percival To Direct ‘The Book Thief’ –

  1. I’ve heard good things about The Book Thief. I look forward to the book with anticipation. Maybe with enough anticipation that I will read the book in advance.

    Thanks for bringing to my attention that Michael Petroni wrote the screenplay. I don’t know him, but following the link you provided to IMDB I found that he wrote a script that attracted both Helena Bonham Carter and Guy Pierce (Till Human Voices Wake Us). Looks a little melodramatic for my tastes, but I enjoy those actors. I agree that Dawn Treader was the weakest script of the three Narnia books filmed so far, but I might suggest some of that falls on C.S. Lewis and the source material. [I think the second book suffered from the same weakness of having not particularly good source material, but someone allowed the screenwriter the latitude to improve on the source material that time around.]

    P.S. I have a bookmarks folder for “Literary” and a bookmarks folder for “Movies”, but your blog fits so nicely into either. Focusing on literature (be it children’s or adolescent or otherwise) and film in one blog fills a nice niche. But I will bookmark it in my Literary folder.

    Also, the Madeleine L’Engle quote in the side column [“If a book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”] is a new favorite of mine.

  2. You should absolutely read The Book Thief! How often do you get to read a book lyrically narrated by Death?

    And I do agree that the source material is somewhat to blame, especially for Dawn Treader…I love the Narnia books, but The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is especially episodic, therefore making any adaptation difficult.

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